Best time to visit Ha Giang

Best Time To Visit Ha Giang

August 3, 2022
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Ha Giang is an attractive tourist destination, attracting large numbers of tourists with its magnificent natural scenery, cool weather, peace, and simplicity of the people living here. Do you always dream of conquering majestic mountains and dreamlike roads of the Northern mountains? If yes, what is the most beautiful season of the year to go to Ha Giang, let’s find out together right away!

Overview of the weather in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a province in the Northeast region of Vietnam. Like other northern areas, Ha Giang is located in a tropical monsoon climate, divided into four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

In particular, the winter weather is cold and dry, and the summer is hot, humid, and rainy. But because it is a mountainous province, the weather in Ha Giang in summer is somewhat cooler and more pleasant and in winter, the climate is much colder than in the plains.

Cornfield in Ha Giang.

When is the best time to visit Ha Giang?

The ideal time to travel to Ha Giang is from October to March. This is not only the season of ripe rice and flowers blooming in the sky but also the time of spring festivals in the fields.

Each season of Ha Giang brings a distinct, unique, and irresistible beauty. Visitors will have different feelings and nostalgia when coming in each different season. So, let’s continue to discover the most highlighted features of each season so that you can decide which time is the best for you to go to visit Ha Giang.

Spring In Ha Giang

In tune with the spring festival & falling in love with peach and plum blossoms.

Peach blossoms.

In spring, the weather is somewhat cool, chilly, and pleasant, and the sun is not too harsh. Spring from January to March is the Ha Giang season filled with colors of all kinds of flowers such as yellow canola flowers, white plum flowers, and pink peach blossoms.

Spring in Ha Giang is also the occasion to gather many of the most unique festivals of the mountain town such as the Gau Tao Festival of the Mong people, Long Tong Festival of the Tay people, and Lap Tinh Festival of the Dao people, etc.

If you are a person who has a love for peach and plum flowers, the answer to which Ha Giang tourism should go for you is March. March is the time when peach gardens and plum branches are in full bloom everywhere. You will be immersed in the poetic and charming natural scenery of the magnificent rocky plateau. And no doubt, this is the perfect time for you to have a beautiful set of “memorable” photos. In addition, the weather is cool, the fresh air is so wonderful for you to leisurely ride on a motorbike to watch the hills and mountains with pink and white flowers of peach and plum blossoms.

Summer In Ha Giang

Experience khau vai love market in april & splendid terraced fields in may and june.

Fill the terraces with water.

In the summer, the land of Ha Giang is covered with a characteristic green color of the highlands. The weather in Ha Giang at this time is quite cool, the sun is shining all the way.

In April, the Khau Vai love market takes place here, and it still retains its pristine features. Khau Vai love market is considered to have a humane beauty that is rarely found anywhere in the world. The festival takes place only once a year and so this is a rare time for those who love each other but can’t get together to have a chance to meet again.

In May and June, there is a new Ha Giang, full of charm by the beauty of winding terraced fields that welcome water from the tops of the mountains. The flooded fields and the sun in the summer create a shimmering, fanciful, wild, and idyllic scene. The image of the water overflowing on the fields looks like it is wearing a very beautiful new shirt, is a rustic beauty but makes many tourists fall in love with Ha Giang. This is also the time when people start pulling together to work in the fields with an exciting spirit looking forward to a bountiful harvest.

Autumn In Ha Giang

Enjoy golden ripe rice in august & september.

Yellow rice.

In autumn, the weather in Ha Giang is quite mild, neither too hot nor too cold. This is the season of golden rice in Ha Giang, a golden color covering the terraced fields along with the fragrant aroma of ripe rice will bring visitors a simple and peaceful feeling.

If you are wondering which season to go to Ha Giang, then autumn will be the ideal time for you to come here and see Hoang Su Phi where the most beautiful terraced fields in Vietnam are located.

Winter In Ha Giang

Don’t miss to see buckwheat & mustard flowers.

Mustard flowers.

Entering winter, the weather in Ha Giang has received severe colds, the temperature here is often much lower than in the plains. But not because of that, Ha Giang fell into silence. In October and November, the purple color of buckwheat flowers covered Ha Giang creates a romantic and charming scene.

If you are passionate about the beauty of the buckwheat flower fields, what are you waiting for, but you have not planned to come to Ha Giang between October and November? Don’t forget to visit the Lung Cu flagpole, Lung cultural village. Cam – Sung La, the foot of Ma Pi Leng pass, Thach Son Than – Quan Ba for the best view of buckwheat flowers!

December is the time when yellow canola flowers bloom, coloring an entire mountainous and rocky plateau. The bright yellow color of the canola flower forests, combined with the cold weather, and the mist that covers every morning, all create a beautiful winter Ha Giang. This is also a good time for your Ha Giang trip.

Above are the sharing of the best months to travel to Ha Giang for you. Hopefully, with the above information, you will have a memorable journey.

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