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20 Best Things To Do In Ha Giang

August 4, 2022
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Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the northeast of Vietnam, about 2000m from sea level. It has many majestic high mountains and large and small valleys. Nature favorably bestows this place with picturesque natural landscapes with mountains, forests, rivers, and vast flower fields. When arriving in Ha Giang, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery but also get lost in the multicultural space of 24 different ethnic groups.

But if this is your first time in Ha Giang, you probably won’t know what to do there. Don’t worry, pocket right away the list of the most worthwhile things to do when coming to Ha Giang below so that you will have a fun and wonderful trip!

1. Ma Pi Leng Pass

This winding, zigzag and 20-km long Ma Pi Leng Pass is one of the “four great peaks” of North Vietnam. When you reach the top at a height of 2000m, you will be overwhelmed by the majestic and vast mountains.

Below the pass is the Tu San abyss and the jade-colored Nho Que river. Tu San is the deepest canyon in Vietnam, with a cliff height of nearly 800m, a length of 1.7km, and a depth of nearly 1km, a unique wonder in Dong Van. You can rent a boat to go on the Nho Que river through this gorge.

2. The Sung La Valley

Sung La Valley (Dong Van) – where Lung Cam cultural village is located – in recent years has been known through the movie ‘The Story of Pao’. This place attracts visitors to the wild, peaceful and romantic beauty of green hills, rose valleys, and small houses. This mountainous land is famous for its old customs, which are still kept intact to this day, such as carrying children to transplant, carrying baskets to pick vegetables, or weaving linen to make cloth.

3. Tay Con Linh – Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi has beautiful natural scenery, green primitive forests, and terraced fields, depending on the stage, green or ripe yellow. Besides, there are many national monuments and heritage sites that you cannot ignore.

And Tay Con Linh-a mountain with an altitude of 2419 m-is the highest peak in Northeast Vietnam and one of the highest peaks in Vietnam. There is a geodetic landmark on the top of the mountain. At the foot is a preserved subtropical primeval forest. Tay Con Linh is considered a sacred mountain range of the La Chi ethnic group.

4. Lung Cu Flag Tower

Lung Cu flag tower is located at the top of Lung Cu, about 1500m above sea level. You need to conquer 839 stone steps to reach the top of the flag and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Dong Van rock plateau from above. A feeling of pride and emotion is indescribable when touching the national landmark where the northern pole of the border is known as the “Rooftop” of Vietnam.

5. Yen Minh Pine Hill

Yen Minh is a small town about 100km from Ha Giang city. It has a fresh and airy climate all year round. You can be overwhelmed by the scene of green and soaring pine trees reaching the clouds. You can go for a walk, enjoy the mountain scenery and take beautiful photos.

6. Old Town and Dong Van Fair

This is a famous old town and market with a hundred-year old age. It exudes ancient beauty that has attracted many tourists. You will see the lanterns hanging all over the streets, and admire the unique highland markets.

Dong Van fair is located in Dong Van ancient town complex, and is the largest exchange of goods and culture in the Dong Van – Meo Vac rock plateau. This can be said to be one of the typical fairs of the ethnic minority communities in the northern mountainous region. On weekend nights, the atmosphere in the market stalls is busier and more jubilant with the songs and dances of the lovers.

7. Pho Bang Ancient Town

Pho Bang is a town located in Dong Van district, 117 km from the city. There are many old houses with unique architectural structures that bring unique, quiet, and ancitent beauty. When winter comes, it also snows like Sapa. You can also visit the markets on weekends.

8. Quan Ba Twin Mountain

This place has a magnificent, unique, and dreamlike beauty crystallized from nature. This Quan Ba twin mountain is also associated with a poetic legend called “Co Tien Mountain”. With a beautiful terrace and fresh weather in a high place, this mountainous area is an attractive tourist destination in Ha Giang province.

9. Lung Tam brocade weaving village

Lung Tam brocade weaving village in the rocky plateau is a destination in Ha Giang that is loved by both domestic and foreign tourists. Coming here, journey travelers can not only buy unique gifts for their families and loved ones but also discover and witness the most famous brocade weaving profession of Ha Giang.

10. The Happiness Road

Happiness Road – why is it named like that? Because this path is associated with the efforts of many young people. They sacrificed their youth, sweat, and even blood to complete this route. The Happiness Road – The path of “blood and flowers”- is an epic poem about the youth of 16 ethnic groups during eight years of manual labor with over 2 million working days. Therefore, you must visit this place to feel the meaning of this great work.

11. Dong Van Stone Plateau

Dong Van rock plateau is an extremely impressive highlight in the high and dangerous mountains, creating a mysterious gray rock scene. This place also preserves the unique culture of the H’Mong, Lo Lo, Pu Peo, and Dao ethnic groups. As the most ancient rocky land on Earth, this place was recognized as Dong Van Geopark in December 2010.

12. Special Festivals in Ha Giang

There are many festivals held around the year in Ha Giang. One of the very well-known ones is Triangular Flower Festival. It takes place in mid-October. Not only can you enjoy the intoxicating beauty of the triangular flower forest, but you can also participate in other entertainment activities such as visiting exhibitions and markets.

The next one you can dismiss is the Khau Vai love market. It is a unique festival held on the 27th day of the third lunar month each year. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful beauty of the Northeast mountains in spring and participate in the Khau Vai Love Market – a place for couples to date and find the other half.

If you visit Ha Giang at the end of the year, you can join one of the most special festivals here-Fire Dance Festival. This festival is held to pray to the gods for good health and welcome a bountiful harvest. The sorcerer will knock on the amulet and make the altar. One by one, young men will jump through the fire for 3 to 4 minutes.

And if you come in January, you will experience the Long Tong Festival. It is an opportunity for people to pray for favorable weather, good crops, and peaceful life all year long. The festival includes two parts: the ceremony to worship the gods and exciting performances such as a plowing contest, tug of war, etc.

13. Ha Giang Tour Service By Motorbike

Traveling by motorbike in Ha Giang is a fascinating experience, but not everyone has good driving skills, especially foreigners who are not familiar with roads and traffic laws. Therefore, the Ha Giang tour service by motorbike will be the best choice for you.

You will still move to Ha Giang by bus. When you reach Ha Giang, you can explore this land by motorbike. You can choose to drive the motorbike yourself or hire a driver. There will always have a local guide with you on the tour.

14. Explore markets in Ha Giang

Meo Vac Market is one of the most famous markets in Ha Giang. This market is located right in the center of Meo Vac town and is the largest market in Ha Giang province.

Unlike other lowland markets that meet every day, Meo Vac market only meets on Sundays. The people here not only consider the market as a place to buy necessities for daily life but also as an opportunity to communicate and make friends with others. This is a very special value of this highland market.

Coming to Meo Vac market, you will see the upland women in the most beautiful brocade clothes to go to the market. You can visit bakeries, corn wine stores, clothes stores, fruits and vegetable stores, and a big cattle trading spot at the end of the market.

In addition, you can also visit Dong Van, Yen Minh, Quan Ba, Xin Man, and Hoang Su Phi markets.

15. Check in the Ancient House Dong Van homestay

Dong Van homestay is one of the famous accommodations near the Dong Van rock plateau. It was over 200 years old. The house has the bold traditional architecture of the Mong people and was built with red pine wood entirely. The roof is made with red yin and yang tiles. The place is quite large with a capacity of up to 100 people.

Not only a place to stay, but Dong Van homestay is also a place to keep stories and traditional cultural values of the Mong people that you must explore.

16. Palace of the Vuong family

Prominent among a rocky plateau is the Vuong family residence, an architectural work designed and built with many new and unusual patterns. The Vuong family residence is a harmonious combination of 3 architectural styles of France, China, and H’mong on an area of 3,000 m2. In 1993, this place was considered as a national monument by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

17. Driving boat on Nho Que River

Taking a boat on the Nho Que River to explore Tu San alley is a unique experience you cannot ignore. Nho Que River is located right below the legendary Ma Pi Leng pass. The river’s water always has a strange moss green color.

Besides the Nho Que river, it is impossible to mention Tu San alley. Its cliff heights are up to 700-900m, and its length is nearly 2km along the river. You can take a boat along the river to see Tu San alley. There are two wharves for you to go to- one is in Ta Lang village, Pai Lung; and another is in the Xin Cai commune area.

If you love sailing, you can rent a kayak. The water is calm, so rowing is easy.

18. Trekking Through The Villages In Ha Giang

Coming to Ha Giang, you must once experience trekking through the villages. The villages here are famous for their peaceful, rustic beauty and still retain their original features and unique culture.

The 5 most beautiful villages in Ha Giang that you can experience trekking are Lao Xa (Sung La), Lo Lo Chai (Lung Cu), Nam Dam (Quan Ba), Thien Huong (Dong Van), and Du Gia (Yen Minh).

You can go trekking by yourself, but it is best to go with a trekking tour to ensure your safety, especially when you first come to Ha Giang or are a foreign tourist.

19. Experience Local Cuisine

The cuisine here has unique features and characteristics that have captivated many tourists. And here are some dishes that you must try when coming to Ha Giang.

“Thang Co” – This is a kind of stewed meat soup. The essence of the dish is the broth. It is stewed from the bones and organs of cows, buffaloes, pigs, and horses with typical spices.

“Thang Den”-This is a kind of sweet soup made from glutinous rice. The inside is filled with green or red beans. This dish is served with sugar water and added with coconut milk, peanuts, and toasted sesame on top.

“Au Tau Porridge”-The main ingredient is rice, Au Tau, and the typical spices. All bring a fragrant, spicy, and bitter flavor.

“Sour Noodle Soup”-The noodles are eaten with sweet and sour sauce and roasted meat, sausages, char siu along with herbs.

“Bac Me bamboo-tube rice”-The main ingredient is rice. Rice is put in a bamboo tube and grilled over charcoal for 1 hour.

“Triangular flower cake”-This is a pie made from the flour of triangular flowers.

“Stuff Pancake”-The rolls here are eaten with a very typical dipping sauce. The sauce is simmered from the bones, different from the usual fish sauce.

“Corn Wine”-The wine has a characteristic smell of corn, a strong aroma, and a sweet taste but is not too harsh.

20. Chieu Lau Thi mountain peak – Hoang Sa Phi

Chieu Lau Thi Peak is located in Hoang Su Phi, in the Tay Con Linh mountain range, the second highest mountain in Ha Giang. Especially, Chieu Lau Thi Peak has recently been attached with a top like Fansipan peak in Sapa. So if you conquer this mountain, don’t miss the opportunity to take pictures with it.

Just pocket the above useful list and prepare your backpack to go to Ha Giang right away!

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